Conference Objectives

The 2019 International Conference on Energy and Power Systems Operation and Planning (ICEPSOP), organized by Howard University includes a workshop on engaging key industry players and U.S. researchers in addressing sustainable power system development needs and challenges in energy systems adaption to microgrids to combat long term, uncontrolled global emission impacts on the environment. New energy technologies such as mini hydro, solar, biomass, wind energy and methods of analysis and integration into transmission and distribution networks are of current research interest worldwide. More significantly, the prevalence of weak grids in Africa and harsh environmental challenges and microgrid technologies will provide vital test bed for understanding the nature of the problems confronted by engineers and researchers in the U.S.-Africa collaborative workshop.

This 11th International Conference, in line with its predecessors, continues to promote planning and operations of complex power and energy systems in the competitive environment to meet these added objectives. Ideas and innovations in science, engineering, and research innovations will lead to U.S. and Africa to address the grand challenges in sustainable and reliable energy systems.


James A.Momoh

Founder, ICEPSOP

Laura Bryant

CCO, Buena Vista

Yue Ying Yüan

CFO, First Choice Inc.

Avdei Ignatyev

Co-Founder,Newhair Corp.

Event Sponsors